Huawei Car Can Easily Beat A Tesla

Yesterday, Huawei held the 18th Global Analyst Conference at its Shenzhen headquarters. Xu Zhijun, vice president and current president of the brand, said that BU’s smart cars are an area the company will focus on in the future. It also claims that Huawei Car offers the most comprehensive functions.

Huawei invests in the automotive sector

Huawei has invested more than $ 1 billion in intelligent car components this year and it is an investment in research and development components. China has 30 million vehicles every year and future growth will be even greater. With this figure, the Chinese OEM does not need to enter markets outside the local one to be successful. Obviously, the brand hopes to be a global company in any industry, not just in the homeland.

Xu Zhijun said that every component made by Huawei has now been used in the market. During the Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei Car will provide everyone with an autonomous driving experience in the urban area:

Our team is doing the best and I hope they do the best. I don’t know if we brag about it. They told me that our car can achieve 1,000 kilometers of uninterrupted autonomous driving in the urban area, which is much better than Tesla.

Although many electric vehicles coming to market will be called “Huawei Car”, they are not from Huawei in the truest sense of the word. The company has repeatedly stated that it ” does not build vehicles ” but aims to ” help car manufacturers build good cars “. This means that we may not see any cars with Ren Zhengfei’s company logo. Either way, the company will claim glory for the cars it helps other companies build.

According to Xu Zhijun, the decision not to build cars was not an easy one. The executive says the company had to consider its options for many years before making a choice. At the moment, the company has an agreement with at least three manufacturers and will participate significantly in the production of intelligent vehicles of these companies.

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