iOS 15.4 causes a battery drain: be careful

It seems that many users are complaining about the bad performance of the iPhone that occurred following the update to iOS 15.4. According to what we read, the new firmware for iOS causes an inexplicable battery drain on the latest generation iPhone phones.

Let’s take a step back: Apple has recently launched iOS 15.4 to the general public. Among the many innovations, it allows you to unlock iPhone 12 and 13 using the Face ID sensor even if you are wearing a health mask, it also allows you to enter the Green Pass directly into Apple Wallet.

iOS 15.4: There are problems with the iPhone battery, apparently

Now the Cupertino software collects new information to concentrate everything on the inherent space around the eyes of each in order to find the unique features that can allow the Face ID to verify the identity of a user even with a semi-covered face. As mentioned, this feature is only available for iPhones 12 and 13.

Among other things, it presents a new American “non-binary” voice for Siri. In addition, the device can be used as a POS even if this feature is currently limited to a few banking institutions.

All very good, but according to what was reported by podcaster Alex Kretzschmar (@IronicBadger), it seems that iOS 15.4 has excessive battery drain. He said: “I’d say my battery life today is half that of last week. Shocking!”

However, it appears that the reports are increasing. Maxim Shishko (@ lamaks_3) wrote:

iOS 15.4 is killing the battery in my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I could go for days without charging, but it’s down to half capacity by mid day.

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